From Chris (Kilkenny) who completed an Alternative Energy Technology Course.
I found it extremely practical and useful. I’ve learned a large amount and can use it to save money and provide services to others.

My instructor was excellent at his work, clear and honest, gave me good knowledge of subject.

Hi-Tech Training…Hi, my name is Darren O’Neill. At present I am in my late 20’s having left school after just about passing my leaving certificate. I did various jobs including building, driving farm machinery, working in factories at operator level and whatever other work I could get.
When I was 22 I decided to take the big plunge and travel around the world ending up in Australia where I spent almost 2 years travelling and working mostly on building sites. I spend some time helping electricians and alarm installers.
Eventually I decided to return to Ireland finding myself with no job and, on reflection, no real qualification or skills that would provide me with real career prospects.
I then heard through the grapevine of a friend who was doing well in the CCTV industry and decided that I would try to get in on the act.
I decided to give it a go. I came across an ad for a course in CCTV with Hi-Tech Training. I rang up and got their course brochure. I, however, decided not to pursue their course in CCTV but instead started off by signing up for an Alarm Installation Course which was run over 10 weeks in North Great Georges Street. I found the course interesting and stimulating. There was a lot of practical work and this helped me understand the theory more easily. I passed the exam and got my Hi-Tech Training Certificate. I was delighted. I went working with my friend with his CCTV business.
He soon decided to branch out his business to include Alarms. I started installing the Alarms and between us both the business prospered. We were regularly requested by industrial businesses to install monitoring systems which I knew little about.
I then decided to go back to Hi-Tech Training for more studies. I started with the Digital Communicators course and then another in Access Control Systems. On the last day of the Access Control Course, I sat a QQI Level 5 examination and I now hold a MERIT in Intruder Alarms and Access Control.
I found out it is very important to be trained properly and hold a recognised qualification. If I was starting off again, I would try to get qualified immediately after leaving school. This is very easy to say in hindsight, however, there are opportunities for everyone to return to education and set their career on a stronger footing no matter what age they are.
I am in regular contact with Hi-Tech Training. They are forever increasing the courses they offer. A new course they have introduced recently is the ALTERNATIVE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY which to me looks very interesting. It is another FETAC Course. As they say one can never have too may qualifications. I will definitely give it a go and as we all know Alternative Energy will definitely be a “dead cert”.

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