(QA Policies, Procedures, Forms)


Access Transfer and Progression (ATP)

Access, Transfer and Progression Policy


Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating Circumstances Policy

Extenuating Circumstances Form


Learner Complaints

Learner Complaints Policy

Learner Complaints Form


Learner Appeals

Learner Appeals Policy

Learner Appeals Form


Reasonable Accommodations

Reasonable Accommodations Policy

Reasonable Accommodations Request Form


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

Recognition of Prior Learning Form



Privacy Statement for Learners

GDPR Policy and Statement

Cookie Policy (Website)

Clean Desk Policy


Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy


Care of the Environment

Environmental Policy



Equality Policy


Learner Resources

Resources (Registration, Programme Information, Supports)

Learner Handbook (pdf document emailed to Learners on Course Registration)

Learner Charter


Tutor Resources

Hi-Tech Training Tutor Handbook (issued to Staff)


Quality Assurance Manual

Hi-Tech Training Quality Assurance Manual