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Hi-Tech Training Preliminary Electronic Security (On-line Virtual Classroom – interact from Home – just like attending at our centre). The Preliminary Electronic Security Course is an introductory (or revision) course designed to provide participants who have no previous Electrical or Electronics experience with the background skills required to attend the CCTV Installation Course, Access Control Course or Fire Alarm Foundation Course.

The course gives both an introduction to electronics and the electronic security and shows how the two fields merge together. Ideal for a beginner wishing to learn more about this fascinating area. A large practical content is guaranteed. The day will be an excellent learning experience with a skilled instructor. It is a great introduction to the other courses we provide.

Duration and Schedule

Hi-Tech Training Preliminary Electronic Security Course runs over 1 day. The next course (On-line Virtual Classroom) commences on Saturday 26th September. View our schedule for course dates and visit our fees and booking page for registration.

The course will be delivered through blended training consisting of 1 virtual classroom. (Trainees will have a live video feed with their instructor talking to them, doing practical live demonstrations on equipment being involved actively in the learning).

In preparation for this, we plan to have a quick informal free online meeting on Wednesday 2nd September at 19:00 GMT for about an hour just to make sure that people get connected in through Zoom properly, let them know what the virtual classroom will be like and go through any questions they may have. To join the virtual sessions, you will need a PC/Laptop or Tablet with an internet connection. Joining instructions (logon IDs, etc) will be sent before the Informal Induction session. Please let us know by email if you are available to attend the free sessions as this is an ideal opportunity for you to learn about attending the course.

Learning Objectives – Preliminary Electronic Security blue-capacitors

  • Understand the core elements that make up an Electronic Security system
  • Understand the role of electrics and electronics in Security
  • Study fundamental electric and electronics terminology.
  • Test basic electronic components, connectors and cables.
  • Construct basic electric and electronic circuits.
  • Become competent in the use of appropriate test equipment.

Course Content

  • Electronic Security Systems: – Introduction, core elements, uses and practical demonstrations.
  • Introduction to Electronics: – OHM’s Law and related formulae, Insulators and Conduction, Series and Parallel Circuits, AC and DC, multiples and sub-multiples.
  • Relays: – Operation and Applications.
  • Test Equipment: – Analogue and Digital Multimeters.
  • How to test cables and connectors
  • Analogue and Digital technologies.


    Meter Testing


A Certificate of course completion will be issued to participants who have fully attended the course.

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