Learner Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy.

Hi-Tech Training recognises that issues/problems can arise even with the best designed learner-centred system, and that these problems can give rise to complaints. Hi-Tech Training considers complaints as an important part of developing better understanding, better policies and procedures and, overall, an opportunity to enhance quality assurance. Complaints are recognised as providing important learning opportunities to improve stakeholder interaction, and as a valuable means of demonstrating
the professional and committed nature of the Hi-Tech Training and its staff to students. Not all complaints can be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties; resources, timescales and a host of other factors can mitigate against resolution of a particular issue. Hi-Tech Training is committed, however, to a complaints procedure that, in addition to being transparent and methodical, approaches the resolution of complaints in the collegiate and reasonable spirit that our organisation should exhibit.

Complaints Process description.

At Hi-Tech Training, our hope is that no learner will have cause for complaint, however, we acknowledge that a learner may feel the need or desire to make a complaint about some aspect of our service provision. We commit to resolving any and all complaints that we receive in a timely and efficient manner which respects the views of all parties. To that end we have a defined process for capturing and responding to complaints and this process is described below.

Complaints can be made verbally or in writing and to the tutor, administration staff or the Operations Manager.

Stage 1 – Informal Complaint.
o A complaint can be made informally to any member of staff, who will discuss the complaint with the learner and attempt to resolve. Learners will be notified of the required time to investigate or remedy the issue. The staff member receiving the complaint will attempt to resolve the complaint immediately.

• Stage 2 – Formal Complaint.
o If a complaint cannot be resolved informally or if the learner feels that an informal complaint will not address the issue, then the Complaints Form should be completed by the learner and be submitted to the Operations Manager admin@hitechtraining.ie.
o The Complaints Form is Available for download from our website (http://hitechtraining.ie/)
o The complaint should be made within seven working days of the events giving rise to the complaint.
o All sections of the Complaint Form should be completed (please see form below).
o The Operations Manager will contact the learner within seven working days to acknowledge receipt of the complaint and outline the course of action to be taken.
o The complaint will be investigated by the Operations Manager with the assistance of any relevant tutor/assessor.

Note 1. Should the Operations Manager be implicated in the complaint, the role of the Operations Manager in the complaint procedure will be undertaken by a suitably qualified person proposed by the independent Chair of the Academic Committee

o When the investigation is complete the learner will be notified of the outcome in writing.
o If the learner is not satisfied, they can appeal the outcome of the complaint.
▪ The appeals decision process will not involve any staff member previously involved in the complaint.
▪ The request for a review must be submitted in writing to the Appeals Committee within seven working days of being notified of the complaint outcome.
▪ The Appeal Form can be downloaded from the Hi-Tech Training Website (Appeals Form)
▪ The Appeals Committee will conduct the review.
▪ The decision of the Appeals Committee will be final.

Complaints Form

A Complaints Form is available on request from admin@hitechtraining.ie and is also available for download.