Electronics Equipment Repair Course

Electronics Equipment Repair 1

Aim of this electronics course

The aim of the course is to enable participants to build, test and fault-find Analogue Electronic circuits at an introductory level.


Duration and Schedule

Next evening course takes place over 5 weeks (Monday & Wednesday evenings) commencing on Monday 7th October at 7.00pm

A payment of €100 secures your place on your chosen course. The balance of the course fees of €700 can be paid shortly before course commencement.

Online Virtual Classroom - how it works?

The course will be delivered through 9 online virtual classroom sessions. The 10th and last session will involve the additional practical work for the course as well as the written examination (multiple choice for City & Guilds and written for Hi-Tech Training) which will take place at our training centre at 43 North Great Georges Street, Dublin 1 (completed online for non ROI learners).

During the virtual classroom sessions, trainees will have a live video feed with their instructor talking to them, doing practical live demonstrations on equipment being involved actively in the learning.

We will send out a practical kit so that trainees can complete assignments and practical work at home. The kit is the property of Hi-Tech Training and will be returned to Hi-Tech Training on the last day of the course.
(The kits may also be purchased by the learner….see the Kits Page Link for more details).
The kit consists of breadboard, multimeter, battery, cables, connectors, components including resistors, diodes, capacitors, bridge rectifier, fuses, Relays, LEDs, Transistors, etc. Trainees will build various projects as part of the course. The kit forms an integral part of the course, so full course fees need to be paid at least 7 days prior to course commencement to allow time to ship the kit in time for the course.

* If attending the course from outside of Ireland the course practical training kit must be purchased via our online shop in time for delivery before course commencement. The equipment will then remain the property of the trainee.

In preparation for each course, we have a quick informal free 1 hr online meeting approx. 7 days prior to course commencement, to make sure that trainees get connected through Zoom properly, let them know what the virtual classroom will be like and go through any questions they may have. To join the virtual sessions, you will need a PC/Laptop or Tablet with an internet connection. Joining instructions (login IDs, etc.) will be sent before the Informal Induction session.

Learning Objectives

Electronics Equipment Repair 1 equips participants with practical “Hands-On” skills relevant to the workplace and the theory required for certification. Participants on successful completion of the course will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Demonstrate the operation of a wide range of electronic components and circuits and their applications in modern electronic-based equipment such as amplifiers, Hi-Fi systems, stereos, and control systems
  • Construct, test and fault-find the following popular basic circuits: Power supplies, amplifiers, timers, etc.
  • Become competent in the correct use of electronic test and measurement equipment such as Analogue and Digital Multimeter and Oscilloscopes.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Electronics: – Electric Current, OHMS Law, Insulation, Conduction and related formulae. Resistor and capacitor colour codes.
  • Practical uses of commonly used components e.g. Cables, connectors, fuses, batteries, resistors, capacitors, diodes, LED’s, transformers, etc.
  • Construction, testing and fault-finding the following popular basic circuits: – Power supplies, amplifiers, timers, etc.
  • Test Equipment: Analogue and Digital Multimeters and Oscilloscopes.
  • PCB’s: – Types and Construction. Assembling devices on breadboards.
  • Health & Safety, Care of Tools and instruments for assembly and repair.


  • City & Guilds of London Institute Technology, Components and Circuits (Examination No. 7267-421). This examination consists of 1 written paper and 5 practical assignments. The qualification can be used as part of the requirement for City & Guilds Diploma in IT Systems Support (7267-24).
  • On completion of the Course, having been successful in an examination, the participant will receive a Hi-Tech Training Certificate.
Hi Tech - City & Guilds Diploma in IT Systems Support (7267-24)


The Electronics Equipment Repair 1 Course requires BOOKING FEE + COURSE BALANCE FEE + TRAINING KIT!