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The electronics courses are certified through the London City & Guilds of London Institute.  Successful participants can achieve a certificate for each electronics course module and ultimately achieve a Diploma in IT Systems Support awarded by the London City & Guilds Institute outlined in the graphic at the end of this page.  The electronics courses involve Analogue and Digital Electronics, Computer Maintenance, Networking and IT Customer Support.

Online Virtual Classroom – how it works

The courses will be delivered through blended training consisting of 9 virtual classroom sessions with assessments and examinations (multiple choice for City & Guilds and written for H-Tech Training taking place on the 10th day). During the Online Virtual Classroom sessions, trainees will have a live video feed with their instructor talking to them, doing practical live demonstrations on equipment shipped to you and involved you actively in the learning.

We will send out a practical kit so that trainees can complete assignments and practical work at home. The kit consists components and materials associated with the relevant course. The kit forms an integral part of the course, so full course fees need to be paid at last 5 days prior to course commencement to allow time to ship the kit in time for the course. Kit for Electronics Equipment Repair 1 Course shown below.


Electronics Equipment Repair Course Practical Kit

Electronics Equipment Repair Course Practical Kit  Click on Link to see detailed Description in YouTube


Electronics Equipment Repair 1

This foundation electronics course is designed for participants of all skills levels. Participants will gain experience of working with a wide range of electronic components and learn how to construct, test, fault find and use electronic test equipment. Read more about the Electronic Equipment Repair 1 Course here.

Electronics Equipment Repair 2

This electronics course builds on the skills and knowledge gained in Electronics Equipment Repair 1.  Participants will work with a wide range of complex analogue circuits, components and diagnose and fault find and learn to use more complex electronic test equipment.  Read more about the Electronic Equipment Repair 2 Course here.

Digital Electronics

This digital electronics course is designed to give participants a practical knowledge of the type of electronic circuity used in a Computer System or in any type of Computer Controlled equipment such as Photocopiers, Cash Registers, Tablet, Laptops, etc. Digital Electronics involves the use of Silicon chips (Integrated Circuits). The internal structure of a computer is to a large extent comprised of Digital Electronic Circuits Read more about the Digital Electronis Course here.

Computer Networking

This course equips participants with the skills to identify network concepts, terminology, install, configure, and test networks.  Skills, concepts and theory are covered in this City and Guilds certified course.  Read more about the Computer Networking Course here.

Computer Maintenance & Repair

This course enables participants to diagnose and repair system level faults in computer based systems, demonstrate practical and theoretical understanding of PC systems, and much more.  Read more about the Computer Maintenance Repair Course here.

IT Customer Support

This course will equip participants with the skills and knowledge to provide technical information and support, assist in reviews of procedures and carry out automated procedures.  Read more about the IT Customer Support Course here.


Certification Available

Successfully completing a combination of optional and required courses can lead to a City & Guilds Internationally recognised Diploma in IT Systems Support (7267-24). In order for participants to successfully achieve full certification for the IVQ (International Vocational Qualification) Diploma in IT Systems Support, learners must complete 4 units, comprising one core (shown in Red), plus three optional units from the choice shown in the table i.e. IT Customer Support Unit + 3 Optional Units = IVQ Diploma in IT Systems Support.  Participants will achieve a City & Guilds Certificate for each successfully completed unit.

City & Guilds Diploma in IT Systems Support (7267-24)

Above table illustrates the progression route for City & Guilds Diploma in IT Systems Support Certification

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