Digital CCTV & Remote Access

Digital CCTV and Remote Access

The Digital CCTV & Remote Access course is designed to give participants a practical knowledge of integrating Analogue and Digital technologies in addition to access and control from remote locations such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Duration and Schedule

The Digital CCTV & Remote Access course runs over 3 Saturdays, next course commencing on Saturday 11th November, 2023 at 10.00 am. Course fee is €800 (€100 Booking Fee + Balance of €700). View our course schedule and visit our method of payment for fees and booking.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental elements that make up a Digital CCTV System.

    Digital CCTV

    Digital CCTV

  • Understand how to integrate Analogue with Digital technologies.
  • Set up IP, wireless and Covert cameras.
  • Configure an IP controlled telemetry systems.
  • Access and control CCTV from remote locations.
  • Set-up an IP/Network solution for CCTV.
  • Set-up and programme digital recording devices.
  • Keep updated with latest standards and changing technology.

Course Content

  • Digital CCTV Systems: – Introduction and uses. Core elements of a system.
  • Integrating Analogue with Digital technology.
  • Cameras: – IP Cameras, Covert cameras, wireless systems.
  • Telemetry systems: – IP Controlled Pan, Tilt and Zoom controls, setting up presets.
  • Accessing images from remote locations: – CCTV monitoring and control
  • over LAN/ WAN/ Internet.
  • Transmission of video signals: – Cable, Fibre-Optic and IP.
  • IP Technology, LAN, WAN and network principles.
  • Personal Computer principles.
  • Integrating CCTV with existing Computer network.
  • Setting up IP/Network solutions.
  • IP Video Encoders, Video Compression techniques.
  • Recording technology: – DVR’s, Network Video Recorders (NVR), Setting up and Programming recording devices.
  • CCTV Standards, legislative and ethical issues.
  • Keeping up with latest industry developments.


  • On completion of the Digital CCTV & Remote Access Course, having been successful in TWO examinations (one written, one practical) the participant will receive a Hi-Tech Training Certificate
  • This course can be used as one of the elements leading to the CCTV & Lighting FETAC/QQI Level Component Award – 5N1771
CCTV & Lighting - QQI Award Options

CCTV & Lighting – QQI Award Options








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