CTTV & Digital CCTV Certified Courses

This week the Journal.ie (read the full article here) posted an article which exposed a Russian website that has hacked the CCTV cameras from a number private homes in Ireland and posted it live to Russian website for all to see.  The age we live in means that through the power of the internet many systems we use, and take for granted, can be breached by hackers from regions outside our jurisdiction.  The Irish Data Commissioner has stated in that as it is another country they are powerless and cannot enforce the site to take the live streams down.CCTV Installation & Digital CCTV & Remote Access Courses

Hi-Tech Training Advice

In order to combat this and guard against this happening to your system at Hi-Tech Training our experienced instructors advise that you need to be vigilant with passwords, and use quality systems, and use qualified installers. It sounds like a “no-brainier”  but as the Journal.ie pointed out peoples privacy is being compromised.

CCTV Installation & Digit CCTV Remote Access Courses

At Hi-Tech Training we offer a range of Practical “Hands-on” Certified Training courses in CCTV Installation, Digital CCTV & Remote Access.  These courses run over 3-4 full days and ensure that participants gain the skills and knowledge to competently install, secure and operate both CCTV & Digital CCTV Remote Systems. These courses are open to all skill levels so if you are a novice we have a preliminary starter course in Electronics to get you in the zone of the how systems operate, or if you are a skilled professional we offer the practical “Hands-on” training and recognised certification which will copper-fasten your skills and offer employers and clients the peace of mind that are qualified in your field.

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