Computer Networking Course

Computer Networking Online Virtual Classroom course is designed to enable participants to install, configure and test a fundamental computer network. The opportunities for employment within the area of network support are enormous as businesses continue to grow and utilise the new technology available to them. This is a vital role to ensure the smooth running of businesses reliant on their network and IT systems. This course provides learners with both the practical and theoretical knowledge of networks. During the course, participants will learn about the different components used to create a network including hardware, software and topologies.city_guilds_logo

Duration and Schedule

Course runs over 5 days next course commencing on Saturday 18th November at 10.00 am.  View our course schedule and here for fees and booking. Course fee is €800 (€100 Booking Fee + Balance of €700)

Online Virtual Classroom – how it works

The course will be delivered through blended training consisting of 5 virtual classroom sessions with assessments and examinations taking place on the 5th Saturday. During the Online Virtual Classroom sessions, trainees will have a live video feed with their instructor talking to them, doing practical live demonstrations on equipment shipped to you and involved you actively in the learning.

In preparation for this, we plan to have a quick informal online meeting a few days before course commencement for about an hour just to make sure that people get connected in properly, let you know what the online virtual classroom will be like and go through any questions you may have. To join the virtual sessions, you will need a PC/Laptop or Tablet with an internet connection. Joining instructions (logon IDs, etc) will be sent before the Informal Induction session.

Learning Objectives

Computer Networking Course equips participants with practical “Hands-on” skills relevant to the workplace and the theory required for certification. Participants on successful completion of the course will have the skills and knowledge to: –

  • Identify network concepts and terminology
  • Identify components that make up a network

    Computer Networking Course

    Computer Networking Course

  • Install, configure and test a network
  • Use and control a local area network

Course Content

  • Network features, hardware and software components.
  • Network topologies, technologies and communication protocols.
  • Peer-to-peer and server based networks including: – servers, clients, peers, shared resources, operating systems, administration, security, central support systems.
  • OSI layers (Open Systems Interconnection), MAC address, sub-netting.
  • Internet access technologies: – DSL, Broadband (ADSL), PSTN (dial-up), Satellite, Wireless.
  • Selecting cable or wireless systems for connection.
  • Hardware components for a peer-to-peer network including: – interface cards, hubs/switches, cables, connectors, tools and anti-static equipment.
  • Connecting network printers.
  • Virus protection, firewalls and passwords, security measures, file management and access rights.
  • Testing networks, resolving routine problems associated with installation


  • City & Guilds of London Institute “Install, Configure and Test ICT Networks” (Examination No. 7266/7267-408). This examination consists of 2 practical assignments. The qualification can be used as part of the requirement for City & Guilds Diploma in IT Systems Support (7267-24).
  • On completion of the Course, having been successful in an examination, the participant will receive a Hi-Tech Training Certificate.
City & Guilds Diploma in IT Systems Support (7267-24)

Above table illustrates the progression route for City & Guilds Diploma in IT Support Certification

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