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Hi-Tech Training have been offering CCTV Installers Courses (Closed Circuit Television Installers Course) and cutting edge electronics training for 25 years.  During this time we have witnessed many changes in electronics, technology, equipment and certification standards.  At Hi-Tech Training we bring our experience to our training courses and offer participants expert knowledge, “hands-on” skills, and FETAC certification in our CCTV Installers course.  The CCTV courses covers  – installation, equipment, positioning, illumination, imaging, lenses, switches, monitors, controllers, check out full details Hi-Tech Training CCTV Installers Course.

Legal Requirements for CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation FETAC Certification

CCTV Installation FETAC Level 5 Award (5N1771)

There are a number of requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to enter this business.  Installers need to be registered with the Private Security Authority  this is a legal requirement and a must.

It should also be noted that the Data Commissioner has also published guidelines on this area which states

“The use of CCTV systems has greatly expanded in recent years. So has the sophistication of such systems.  Systems now on the market have the capacity to recognise faces.  They may also be capable of recording both images and sounds. The expanded use of CCTV systems has society-wide implications.  Unless such systems are used with proper care and consideration, they can give rise to concern that the individual’s “private space” is being unreasonably eroded.

Recognisable images captured by CCTV systems are personal data“.  They are therefore subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Acts.

A data controller  needs to be able to justify the obtaining and use of personal data by means of a CCTV system.   A system used to control the perimeter of a building for security purposes will usually be easy to justify.  The use of CCTV systems in other circumstances – for example, to   constantly monitor employees,  customers or students – can be  more difficult to justify and could involve a breach of  the Data Protection Acts.”

The Garda guidelines are also available on the decisions to invest in CCTV Systems.  These guidelines speak of clearly defined “Operational Requirements” between the Installer and the customer prior to investing in such equipment.  There is such a broad range and choice of cameras, monitors, recording equipment and storage medium that it can be a minefield for people who have little or no experience in the area.

Get National FETAC Certification to boost your job opportunities

Certification Available on Successful Completion CCTV Installation Course

  • On completion of the CCTV Installation Course, having been successful in TWO examinations (one written, one practical) the participant will receive a Hi-Tech Training Certificate.
  • On completion of the CCTV Installation Course and successfully completing 1 written examination and a number of FETAC/QQI specified practical assessments, the participant will receive the FETAC/QQI – Level 5 Award – CCTV & Lighting (5N1771)

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