Apple to Invest €1.7 Billion in New European Data Centres

The announcement by Apple during the week that it has chosen Ireland as one of the sites for a European Data Centre has been well received by all.  This is great news for Ireland and the region as it will bring much needed jobs to the region.  The announcement also focuses world attention on Ireland as a country of choice for Apple one of the worlds leading technology companies.


Inside and Apple Storage Facility – Historical image

Data Centres are quite lean operations in terms of employment in themselves.  Data Centres provide a large number direct and  ancillary jobs that at first at not obvious. They create construction jobs at the start of the projects to build and many jobs in the years after construction.

Data Centres are very secure environments and as such require high levels, of Access and Control, and of course a requirement CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) monitoring.  This means a requirement for skilled and certified workers to provide these services.  At Hi-Tech Training we offer courses in these areas which offer practical “hands-on” training, knowledge, and official recognised certification.

According to Apple’s press release like all Apple data centres, the new facilities in Ireland and Denmark will run entirely on clean, renewable energy sources from day one. Apple has stated that it is going to work with local partners to develop additional renewable energy projects from wind or other sources to provide power in the future.


Wind power one of the suggested renewal energies for Apple’s new Irish Data Centre

At Hi-Tech Training we are particularly interested in this as one of our course offerings is in Alternative Energy. It will be very exciting for to be so close to one of the worlds leading technology companies, observing how they innovate with Irish partners and Irish renewable energy businesses to power this centre and make this project work on such a large scale.  Apples states that “these facilities will have the lowest environmental impact yet for an Apple data centre.”

Apple are a very strong employer in Ireland and look like they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  This is particularly good news for the people who are in the hinter-land of Athenry and the Co. of Galway.   This is welcome news for Ireland and places us once again on the world stage in the Technology areas illustrating the skills that we have to offer this organisation and Apple’s commitment to Ireland.

View Apples Data Centre for Ireland and Denmark press release here