Access, Transfer and Progression

Hi-Tech Training is committed to the implementation of fair and transparent processes for access to our programmes, transfer to other relevant programmes, and progression to other higher-level programmes.  We will ensure that our learners are fully informed in relation to all ATP considerations associated with our programmes.

Specifically, we will seek to:

  • Provide up-to-date, accurate, and clear information to enable potential applications and existing learners to make informed decisions
  • Publish entry requirements and any additional requirements specified for programme entry.
  • Provide programmes that are recognised on the National Framework of Qualifications and therefore facilitate learner mobility.
  • Provide information on language requirements for applicants for whom English is a second language.
  • State that learners must be resident in Ireland for entry to Hi-Tech Training programmes
  • Make transparent decisions on the allocation of places on programmes
  • Treat all applicants in a fair, equal and consistent manner.
  • Promote accessibility for learners.
  • Provide appropriate learner supports to facilitate successful completion of our programmes
  • Undertake, where possible, to Recognise Prior Learning (RPL) and the academic attainments of learners to provide advanced entry to programmes or grant exemption from modules or programme requirements


Participation in our programmes is predicated on the learner meeting the published access requirements for the programme in question. There are two basic requirements for participation in any given programme:

  1. Learners must have attained at least the level one below the level of the programme for which they are enrolling. (i.e., they must have achieved a Level 4 standard to participate in a Level 5 programme.) If compliance with this requirement cannot be demonstrated by conventional means, then the learner has the opportunity to apply under the Recognition of Prior Learning conditions described in Appendix G the Hi-Tech Training QA Manual.
  2. Learners must be competent in written and spoken English. The competence level required must be at least equivalent to the CEFR B2+ standard (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Where there is any uncertainty about a learner’s English language proficiency, the Operations Manager will organise an assessment or may seek documentary evidence from the learner. This evidence may take the form of a note from an employer or other professional person, or equivalent.

Transfer & Progression

Hi-Tech Training does not offer any major awards, so there are no internal opportunities for learners to transfer/progress to other programmes within our portfolio. Transfer and/or progression opportunities do exist external to Hi-Tech Training . For example:

  • Closed-Circuit Television and Lighting (5N1771) qualification can be used as one of the mandatory component awards leading to Security Systems Technology (5M2109) Major Award.
  • The Intruder Alarm and Access Control (5N1776) qualification can also be used as one of the mandatory component awards leading to Security Systems Technology (5M2109) Major Award

Hi-Tech Training will facilitate the communication between a learner and the Education and Training Boards (ETB) or Colleges of Further Education in relation to access, transfer and progression opportunities.

Other sources of ATP information include, the Further Education and Training in Ireland website, and (in relation to progression paths in Electronic Security Systems)

Please note: -

The above table is provided as a guide only. Entry requirements to a particular course may vary according to an individual’s aptitude, experience, qualifications, etc. For further information on our certified programmes please see the certification page on our website.