Digital Electronics – Sat 30th September

Digital Electronics – Dublin starts on Sat 30th September at 10.00 am (to 5 pm) and takes place over 7.5 consecutive Saturday.

Digital Electronics – Hi-Tech Training

Digital Electronics Content includes: –

• Introduction to Digital Electronics: – Electric Current, OHMS Law, Insulation, Conduction and related Formulae. Resistor colour codes.
• Numbering systems, TTL and CMOS technologies
• Practical study of Digital I.C.’s including AND, NAND, OR, NOR, X-OR, Inverter, Buffer, SR Latches and D-Latches.
• Oscillators, Multivibrators and 555 Timers. Switches and Switch De-bounce circuits and their applications
• Counters, Counter Decoding Circuitry, Shift Registers
• A-D and D-A converters
• Digital Displays: – LED and LCD, numeric and alphanumeric, operating currents, voltages and power requirements. Display decoders and
• Test Equipment: – Practical use of Analogue and Digital Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Logic probes, Logic Pulsers, etc.
• Fault-finding techniques: – Diagnosing and rectifying faults on circuits built during course.
Practical “Hands-On” experience: – 50% approx.