Digital Electronics

This Digital Electronics Course is designed to give a practical knowledge of the type of electronic circuitry used in a modern Computer System or in any type of Computer Controlled equipment such as Photocopiers, Cash Registers, Tablets, mobile phones and many other types of IT equipment.  Digital Electronics involves the use of Silicon chips (Integrated Circuits). The internal structure of a computer is to a large extent comprised of Digital Electronic Circuits.City & Guilds Diploma in IT Systems Support Available

Duration and Schedule

This Digital Electronics course runs over 5 days with the next course commencing on new date to be published asap. View our course schedule for fess and booking.

Learning Objectives:

This course equips participants with practical “Hands-on” skills relevant to the workplace and the theory required for certification. Participants can expect to have the skills to: –

  • Build and fault-finding a range of Digital Electronic circuits used in computers and computer controlled equipment
  • Use test equipment including Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, logic probes and pulsers to implement systematic fault-finding techniques.
  • Study and use of popular Digital Electronic gates and more advanced circuits
digital electronics

Digital Electronics

Course Content

  • Introduction to Electronics: – Electric Current, OHMS Law, Insulation, Conduction and related Formulae. Resistor colour codes.
  • Practical study of Digital I.C.s including AND, NAND, OR, NOR, X-OR, X-NOR, Inverter, Buffer, SR Latches and D-Latches and Flip-Flops.
  • Oscillators, Multivibrators and 555 Timers. Switches and Switch De-bounce circuits and their applications.
  • Numbering systems, TTL and CMOS technologies
  • Counters, Counter Decoding Circuitry, Shift Registers
  • A-D and D-A converters
  • Digital Displays: – LED and LCD, numeric and alphanumeric, operating currents, voltages and power requirements. Display decoders and drivers.
  • Test Equipment: – Practical use of Analogue and Digital Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Logic probes, Logic Pulsers, etc.
  • Fault-finding techniques: – Diagnosing and rectifying faults on circuits built during course.
  • Health & Safety, Care of Tools and instruments for assembly and repair


  • City & Guilds of London Institute Digital Electronics 2 (Examination No. 7267-425). This examination consists of 1 written paper and 4 practical assignments. The qualification can be used as part of the requirement for City & Guilds Diploma in IT Systems Support (7267-24).
  • On completion of the Course, having been successful in an examination, the participant will receive a Hi-Tech Training Certificate.

City & Guilds Diploma in IT Systems Support (7267-24)

Above table illustrates the progression route for City & Guilds Diploma in IT Systems Support Certification

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